what i will take if my house is in fire?
i willl take my cellphone for callling an ambulance, i willl take my pc for investigating in what hotel can we stay for the moment, i will take a bag full of clothes cause i need to put clothe in my body, i will take important photos of important events in my life because they are very important for me, i will take some money for important things like to pay the hotel in wich we are staying and finally i will take my pets because you will never have the same ones and cause they are very important for me! 

Ma. Camila
10/18/2011 12:27

hola tali tu blog esta super te quiero mucho gracias por commentar

CHAO olle

naty yukie
10/19/2011 11:23

be tatis tu blog esta super chevere!! y amo a pigy es super lindo y esta hiperactivo no le des redbull mala mama te quiero mucho sigue asi con tu blog!!


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