All started with this guy kony do you know it?
He is a bad bad guy, no one never haved listen of it but people started to investigate about him and now in the 2012 they are going to make him visible.
He kidnapp children of Africa for the following thing:
-He make them to kill other children or to shatter their faces.
- To kill their own parents.
and if they don´t do this then he will kill them but in a horrible way in which it will hurt to much.
-He take them for sexual slaves
and if they don´t do it then he will kill them in a horrible way.
more info:  Daniela's Blog

Okay but now going again to this post, this kid is the child of the man who film this video about Kony.
This kid is so smart and is beautiful (it dosen´t mean i´m in love with him, I mean he is cute and all that stuff). See it by yourself and then tell me if not.