This book is about the truth story of Cinderella you will discover new things!
You know that books or stories are written in a point of view of a character but what if all the characters write their own version? it will be different right? things will connect but each thing will have it reason.
Okay this book is like this things conect but they have their own reason.
The main thing in this book is Cinderella, the fairytale agency was order to investigate Cinderella by KING MAGNUS THE MAGNIFICENT because he want to know more about her and who was she, his soon is the prince (the one who is gonna marry with Cinderella) thats why KING MAGNUS wanted to know more about her and her family.
This is one of my favourite books because who made it has lot of creativity, as you can see in the pictures it looks like a top secret file folder, and inside has lot of letters, like the invitation to the ball.
You can  find it in the labraries of:
and if you want you will find it in: Amazone

Now my main object will be gossip! it will be with artist and famous people, they will be recient and very fun you will enjoy them so much that you will visit this page every day and they only will be about teens like: justin bieber, selena gomez, taylor swift, lautner etc.They will not only be of artist they will be of some programs that people sees or watch. I think this is a good idea because a really love this and gossip I love it too but sometimes not like all time so thats why I decide to talk about programs! I hope you enjoy my page. If you like my idea let your comment here.
In halloween I dressed with some friends of kisses (the chocolate of Hersheys) it was very cool and fun! We think it was very creative because no one in school was dressing of it.
What was you halloween costume?

I deside to do my avatar like this cause i thought it was very equal to me!