This show is so fun, its all about a group of friends who love to be with girls, but theres one who doesn´t like to be with girls and love technology, read and that stuffs (that one is Sheldon) who is the brain of the group, he knows all about technology and things that may you say: ohh god this boy knows everything ,and saying the truth he is very funny and I have a little crush with him but is not of loving him like: wow I want him to be my boyfriend, it´s like: jajaja he is so funny I just love him!
Sheldon is weird, he like girls but he don´t know how to make a good impression to them, so he start to talk with them about how machines work and all that stuff that don´t attract girls attention, thats why no one likes him as a crush.
Most of the time his group leave him behind because all that things that he talks are boring, but all the group are very close and they are BFF´S. Ohh yea, I forgot to tell you they are all nerds so thats why most of the girls are not interested on them.
This program is so funny I just cant live without it! Its about a family that each one of them have different thinking and is so funny because in each episode happens something new and funnier! My favourite character is Brick is like anti-social and he loves to read books (just like me) he is so funny and his face is in shape of an egg. But i love too the girl because is like nerd and all the bad stuff happens to her and is so funny I just cant stop laughing. This is one of my favourite programs too its like the funniest!
BTW: as you can see I putted always the word funniest or funny but is because this show is like the one who makes me laugh the most.
This is a program you woudnt want to stop watching it I swear :)
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