This guy (ian-damon) is beautiful, he acts in a serie that is call: Vampire Diaries, im gonna explain you all. There are 2 brothers Damon Salvatore (Ian somerhalder) and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) damon is the bad brother and Stefan is like more inocent he is in love with Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) which is the leading actress, and Elena love Stefan too. This serie is much better than Twilight we can say that Twilight is nothing compare to this. Getting to the point I LOVE this guy IAN cause he acts so good and he is very beautifull. since 2010 he has been with his girlfriend NINA (the leading actress of this serie) and PAUL is married with Torrey Devitto (pretty little liars). Paul and Ian they are great brothers in this serie 1st:both are beautiful2nd:each one has its different personalityas a conclusion I can say I prefer Damon (IAN) I admit  that both of them are beautiful but Ian is more my dream guy. more information of vampire diaries:ANA LUCIA´S BLOG - your door to hollywood and Daniela's Blog - T.V, Style, Movies, Gossip 
some couple of days ago I heard from a friend that keke palmer (true jackson) and zac efron ( high school musical) were a couple like boyfriend and girlfriend, you know what I mean. Im really confused cause I dont know if is true but if it is so you know a new gossip and if not sorry. Today I heard from other friend that this couple was going to marry I dont think so cause they say the same with Selena and Justin but it was not true so im just saying. My opinion is that I love the way they act and how they are but I dont think that they are a good couple I mean they dont do a good couple but If they are in love with each other I respect their opinion.

This movie is so interesting!
All stars with a new girl in school Cady (Lindsay Lohan) she is little bit wierd cause she cames from africa and all is different, she is the new student and really she don´t have friends but then she becames friend of the most popular girls in school. She becames very popular thanks to this girls but she stills wierd because they invite her to a costume party but not really of dressing like a vimpire is like dressing of sexy things and stuff like that and she dress of a zombie or something similar, jajaja it was so funny! SEE IT BY YOURSELF:

Then Cady (the one who dressed up like a zombie) becames the leader group and she really is a leader because all what she does is what most of the people in school does!

All started with this guy kony do you know it?
He is a bad bad guy, no one never haved listen of it but people started to investigate about him and now in the 2012 they are going to make him visible.
He kidnapp children of Africa for the following thing:
-He make them to kill other children or to shatter their faces.
- To kill their own parents.
and if they don´t do this then he will kill them but in a horrible way in which it will hurt to much.
-He take them for sexual slaves
and if they don´t do it then he will kill them in a horrible way.
more info:  Daniela's Blog

Okay but now going again to this post, this kid is the child of the man who film this video about Kony.
This kid is so smart and is beautiful (it dosen´t mean i´m in love with him, I mean he is cute and all that stuff). See it by yourself and then tell me if not.

The singer Taylor Swift and Zac Efron (high school musical) are always together but they say they are only friends, will be this true? 
I dont think so because they are very romantic with each other and they go all parts together, for example they went together to ellens program in which each other talk and almoust at the end they sang. 
I think they do an adorable couple why not? if each other is beautiful as its way.
I love each one of their personalities because is so unique and they are very talented.
In the video is bellow you will see their interview with ellen:

Sophie and Rosie are cousins and they have an amazing talent is to sing.
All started with a video in which Rosie and Sophie sang Super Bass of Nicki Minaj.
They said that they were number one fans of Nicki and that they wanted to meet her.
Months later ellen saw the video she cant belive that some little girls have such amazing talent so she invite them to her program, Sophie and Rosie were so happy to know that ellen haved invited them and that in her program had been lots of celebrities and one of them was Nicki.
In ellens program Sophie and Rosie meet Nicki and they even sang together (it was a dream come true) with the time they started to be famous and they meet moust of the famous people, and moust of all in the grammies (in which ellen gave them a free enter to VIP).
Wach their talents 
Its my favourite program, is so cool and funny. Its all about 2 mothers who love their daughters very much, but they love them so much they just can say never no to they because then they will put mad and will not talk to them (which is the worst thing). This 2 mothers love all about fashion and things that are in vogue, they are interested in all what there daughters do and think, they act like if they were teens. Their daughters are just normal teenagers who love gossip and going to parties but when their mothers dont let them do a thing they want to do,  thats when they start to manipulate them, their unique decision will be to let them do it. This tv show is so so funny you will let milk out of your nose!
Now my main object will be gossip! it will be with artist and famous people, they will be recient and very fun you will enjoy them so much that you will visit this page every day and they only will be about teens like: justin bieber, selena gomez, taylor swift, lautner etc.They will not only be of artist they will be of some programs that people sees or watch. I think this is a good idea because a really love this and gossip I love it too but sometimes not like all time so thats why I decide to talk about programs! I hope you enjoy my page. If you like my idea let your comment here.