Make the world a batter place, for you and for me!
My hole class did something about global issues in art class. I choosed child abusse because I think that is very similar to child labour and I think are the worst! 
BTW: my art work is in the 1st page of the blog
Child labour for me is the worst global issue its happening at this moment.
because many childs are suffering of this and they are dying because it. My point of view is this one if they start heating life they will never love it again because as a kid you only are knowing each other, playing and all but as an adult you have more responsability to acomplish. Most of the time when someone don´t do something well or don´t finish it they beat them or they don´t give them food to eat.
In the child labour they don´t win almoust nothing. For more information:

This is not exactly a scary story, I know you wish it was but it is not!
My story begins here, o excuse me i didnt tell you whats my name right? My name is sally, I am a hipperactive girl that loves animals, I live alone with my mom, I never meet my dad and if I tell you all the story I cry. I am 10 years old, and... hey wait a second you are reading my diary :s but its ok i really dont care, i dont have that bunch of personal information the normal diaries of the girls have, so is not exactly a diary is a jurnal. Ok let me tell you why im writting this, I am writting it because today I am moving to other house I am little bit scare because you know that they said that when you move to other house that house is haunted, in the other hand I will LOVE to because my house is a little bit old, okay is too old its seems is a house for grandmas and grandpas. 
2:00 pm: In this moment i am in the car, my mom dosent want to tell me were my new house is located. She says its a sorprise! I have been in this car like 3 hours and my mom says we are about to get. 
3:00pm: Im in the new house, its so beautifull and very but very big and old but not like the other one. It has a precious garden with strange plants but I like it.
How can you finish it?you can finish the story in the comments.

I wish I could learn to fly like a bird does, this has been my dream all my life!
Why I want it? 
I want it because it will be incredible to fly, to see things in a different point of view, to go to many places without going through it in airplanes.Only you with some of your friends.

After school on Mondays and Fridays I stay untill 3:00pm practicing football. I love football because is a nice sport to practice and it helps you to keep your body health, try it! 
I just only stay that days cause the rest of the days I need to do homeworks.
On fridays then of football I go somewere out with my friends
example: to see a movie, to the club, to the house of my friend, to my house etc.

I think i am this one because I LOVE to be connected to social networks and talk with my FRIENDS. 
Why did i put friends with cappital letter?
I put it because i only chat with my friends or people i know.

I already join to the following sites:
Facebook, Skype, Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Weebly, Prezzi, Glogster, Yahoo, Windows etc.
When i joined this sites and i have to give personal information i just only put the really nesesary information
Example: Name, Email, Where I am from etc.

It haves salitre magico a park of amusement is very cool and you have lot of fun.

There is a beautifull place called: La Piedra Del Peñon, and its a natural place to.