Now my main object will be gossip! it will be with artist and famous people, they will be recient and very fun you will enjoy them so much that you will visit this page every day and they only will be about teens like: justin bieber, selena gomez, taylor swift, lautner etc.They will not only be of artist they will be of some programs that people sees or watch. I think this is a good idea because a really love this and gossip I love it too but sometimes not like all time so thats why I decide to talk about programs! I hope you enjoy my page. If you like my idea let your comment here.
HI people! how are you? me fine because we are in a new year 2012, I want to tell you happy new year, I hope all your wishes come true. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012
merry chritsmas i hope you will be very gifted.
In halloween I dressed with some friends of kisses (the chocolate of Hersheys) it was very cool and fun! We think it was very creative because no one in school was dressing of it.
What was you halloween costume?

After school on Mondays and Fridays I stay untill 3:00pm practicing football. I love football because is a nice sport to practice and it helps you to keep your body health, try it! 
I just only stay that days cause the rest of the days I need to do homeworks.
On fridays then of football I go somewere out with my friends
example: to see a movie, to the club, to the house of my friend, to my house etc.

I think i am this one because I LOVE to be connected to social networks and talk with my FRIENDS. 
Why did i put friends with cappital letter?
I put it because i only chat with my friends or people i know.

I already join to the following sites:
Facebook, Skype, Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Weebly, Prezzi, Glogster, Yahoo, Windows etc.
When i joined this sites and i have to give personal information i just only put the really nesesary information
Example: Name, Email, Where I am from etc.