All started with this guy kony do you know it?
He is a bad bad guy, no one never haved listen of it but people started to investigate about him and now in the 2012 they are going to make him visible.
He kidnapp children of Africa for the following thing:
-He make them to kill other children or to shatter their faces.
- To kill their own parents.
and if they don´t do this then he will kill them but in a horrible way in which it will hurt to much.
-He take them for sexual slaves
and if they don´t do it then he will kill them in a horrible way.
more info:  Daniela's Blog

Okay but now going again to this post, this kid is the child of the man who film this video about Kony.
This kid is so smart and is beautiful (it dosen´t mean i´m in love with him, I mean he is cute and all that stuff). See it by yourself and then tell me if not.

This is not exactly a scary story, I know you wish it was but it is not!
My story begins here, o excuse me i didnt tell you whats my name right? My name is sally, I am a hipperactive girl that loves animals, I live alone with my mom, I never meet my dad and if I tell you all the story I cry. I am 10 years old, and... hey wait a second you are reading my diary :s but its ok i really dont care, i dont have that bunch of personal information the normal diaries of the girls have, so is not exactly a diary is a jurnal. Ok let me tell you why im writting this, I am writting it because today I am moving to other house I am little bit scare because you know that they said that when you move to other house that house is haunted, in the other hand I will LOVE to because my house is a little bit old, okay is too old its seems is a house for grandmas and grandpas. 
2:00 pm: In this moment i am in the car, my mom dosent want to tell me were my new house is located. She says its a sorprise! I have been in this car like 3 hours and my mom says we are about to get. 
3:00pm: Im in the new house, its so beautifull and very but very big and old but not like the other one. It has a precious garden with strange plants but I like it.
How can you finish it?you can finish the story in the comments.