Sophie and Rosie are cousins and they have an amazing talent is to sing.
All started with a video in which Rosie and Sophie sang Super Bass of Nicki Minaj.
They said that they were number one fans of Nicki and that they wanted to meet her.
Months later ellen saw the video she cant belive that some little girls have such amazing talent so she invite them to her program, Sophie and Rosie were so happy to know that ellen haved invited them and that in her program had been lots of celebrities and one of them was Nicki.
In ellens program Sophie and Rosie meet Nicki and they even sang together (it was a dream come true) with the time they started to be famous and they meet moust of the famous people, and moust of all in the grammies (in which ellen gave them a free enter to VIP).
Wach their talents 

03/07/2012 15:24

I have seen this girls! I think they are amazing. They are very talented and very lucky to meet so many celebrities. I really like this blog!


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